Our Beers

Pal’s Lager

Our version of the faithful American lager. Goes down smooth if drinking by the full liter but still intrigues the drinker with old world flavor if drinking by the 12oz. glass.

Bock Beer

More of an amber lager than a bock but that was the way it was brewed by the original brewers at Thieme and Wagner back in the day. Drinkable and refreshing with hints of caramel and roast.

Schwarzer Elefant

Undoubtably dark but looks can be deceiving. This beer has pleasant notes of a rich roast and a light caramel body. People say “I don’t like dark beer but I like the Schwarzer Elefant.”


T & W Special

This beer has it all; a rich malt character, an excellent floral hop nose, and just enough body to perplex the drinker without leaving a heavy mouthfeel. Try a glass and you’ll see what makes this beer so special.


Hefeweizens today come in as many varieties as the people who drink them. But our brew has classic, German roots. Its aroma is poignant but not overpowering the banana and clove flavor, while present, hide behind the wheat character. Perfect for a warm August night.

Our IPAs are hoppy and our sours, fruity. There isn’t much more to be said.